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Shoe Therapy

    I just think of these little wonders when I'm feeling sad, excited (in a bad way) or nervous. Just think of the pretty , exotic fish that are modeled after. Or, their super-cool wetsuit-like straps. Ahh, yes, better now!
P.S. Notice how I did not use the [gulps with sadness] Miu Miu shoes? It's kind of like trying to get over the fact that you may never see someone special again -- and that's a horrible feeling. But luckily that hasn't happened to me yet, but I can only imagine what it feels like.

P.P.S. Now this post is not calming, and I'm no longer calm because I have homework and various other things to sort out, and you're not calm because you're still reading this for something good, and there's nothing, and I'm not done yet...sorry.

Photo via Jak and Jil

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  1. LOVE these shoes!!!!! They are so cool!!