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Resorts (again)

   First off, school's out! I am done with middle school, which actually feels really, really good. I am done! Moving on to resort collections, now! I'm really enjoying the sense of practicality and color in these collections. There's no deep meaning in any of the clothes, it's just a pretty-is-what-I-want feel. Which, is fine by me, as long as the main seasons still produce thought-provoking collections.
So, I was so excited to see colors at Celine for this collection. I mean, anything Phoebe Philo does with neutral colors is never boring, but to see some of those edgy, leather garments in such vibrant hues was really refreshing. Ahh, yes, that's the word: refreshing. In fact, that's the word I would use to describe most of the collections this season. The approach was kind of like a weapons (in-depth inner meanings) down and just use colors and create a collection women will love and have fun in.

I mean, look, this is pure genius! *Céline*
Or, Erdem:
Those pants! Oh goodness, the colors remind me of the ocean on a sunny, clear day. The lace top is detailed yet still simple to compliment the bright pants. And those Mary-Jane shoes? Just as wonderful. Erdem really does do some of the best prints.
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