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So, there a a website called Youtube that brings the best and worst videos to our fingertips. I use it for fashion/music purposes. So, here are some of my favorite videos, that I would like to share with you.

Here is my favorite commercial. It is about a year old, but I still love it. It is directed by Sofia Coppola (who is really awesome). This commercial wraps up the life of a young, rich French girl; in a nutshell. So wonderful. I have watched it millions of times and it never gets old. The sounds of Brigitte Bardot are the perfect touch.

I have not seen the movie but the costumes, and colors look amazing. A new twist on Antoinette

Totally amazing collection. Rei Kawakubo never fails

Another amazing collection. What I have to say about the collection.

One of my favorite collections...ever! Prada fall 2009

That is all for now. This site has really changed the way we can access the world. Amazing.

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