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Truly Amazing Works of Art

  To start off the weekend, I spent quite a while last night on foto decadent looking at wonderful editorials. I knew I should've written down the names of these editorials so I could tell you guys, but I did not. Enjoy the photos, and I hope you check out this site. In addition to searching this site, I managed to fit in a Junya Watanabe fall/winter 08/09 show. The music, and clothes, and hats came together so wonderfully. I am so blessed to truly feel the magic and emotion in my heart and head when I watch these avant-garde Japanese works-of-art. They are so simple, yet so complex in the emotions they bring out and the burst of energy they give to me, and I am sure the audience. Here are the wonderful photographs, so enjoy and don't forget to take a look at the show. You will be moved.

Vogue Germany

Her face says it all! Those shoes are lovely, no?

I am sure she has something very important to tell us.

Just look at the wind under the jacket...pure perfection.

A little Roman Holiday in there??

It's hot out there...can we get some water...anyone?

Tea Time got a little wild!

A little Bag Lady mixed with.....
The whole look is really amazing. All together, the energy of this shot is so magical.

  I realized a really wild thought, today. I realized that I really only know fashion through pictures. I have fallen so deeply in love with something, that I have never really discovered in person (other than spending a day touching all the clothes in the designer boutiques of NY, Paris, and London; this summer). That right there says so much about how the art of photography is so vital to the art of fashion. Fashion completes me as a person. I want to thank all of those wonderful photographers for sharing this world with me. I hope that one day, if I work hard enough, I can take a seat at "the shows"...until then photographs will bring me into the fashion world.

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