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Can We Talk About This?

First of all...bummer. Our Public Library has the worst biography section. I mean, who wants to read about rich old men, when you can read about Coco Chanel, and Brigitte Bardot. We are required to read a bio at least 100 pages and then report on it. Anyway, they only had one book on Coco, and it was checked out. And of course, zippo on Bardot.
  Secondly, I would like to address with you that CdG had an amazing spring collection.
   Thirdly, I would like to talk to you about these shoes that I have been amazed with. Proenza Schouler *singing*.

These super-cool sea creature wedges are squirming with color, and a wonderful shape. I must go the homework, that is begging to be done. Bye for now!


  1. I LOVE these shoes. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them!

  2. Me too! Super cool, so unique!