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Day Dreamin'

Today I got out early from school because I do ISPE, in other words, if you are competitive in a sport that consists of no team, they let you go home early instead of doing P.E. Sounds nice, right? Anyway, In History while my out-of-a-movie teacher was talking in foreign accents about our presidents, I was dreaming of the perfect day in Paris. you see, I don't day dream like this usually, but after 6 Wednesdays of listening to him talk about presidents 1-5, 1-10, etc...I find it alright to escape. Here is how it goes:

7:00AM: Emerge from my crisp white sheets to a hot breakfast

7:15AM: Take a stroll in my closet, and choose my outfit for the day

7:30AM: Out the door I go, for today is the last day of the shows(couture shows, that is)

8:15AM-I:15PM: The Shows

1:45PM: Meet up with Carine Roitfeld and Emmanuelle Alt for some lunch and shopping.
2:15PM: Walk out of the designer vintage shop, Didier Ludot

2:30PM: At 31 Rue Cambon for a collection analysis with Karl Lagerfeld as our guide

3:30PM: Back to the apt to relax and review the shows

4:30PM: Out again, for I have gotten a sudden call, that I need to go as soon as possible to a Vuitton boutique launch party

..........."JFK had many enemies.....The C.I.A, FBI,........"

12:15PM: The lunch bell rings...I assemble my belongings and head out into the bright sunlight. Time to walk home.

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