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Busy Work

      Sorry I have not written in, in a while. It seems that teachers realize they need to cram our brains with info they should have taught us earlier, this time of year. Essay after essay, 3-4 tests a day (ahem...History there are usually 2 tests every Friday). I only have about 8 mintues to write this post until I need to go study presidents 1-40. If there was one thing that we are taught in school that is most unnecessary, it would me memorizing the presidents. Honestly...we have lives or blogs we need to attend to, after school. Anyway, here are some of my favorite SS2010 ad campaigns, so far. Totally loving the simplicity.

Alexander Wang. Wow. Super simple, yet totally sporty. I love how one side is the full outfit, and the other is the model's face. 10 out 10 for this one.

Marc Jacobs always has the most simple pop-culture-y ads, and I love them. It gives all-the-more-power to the clothes. I'm thinkin' 10 out of 10 for this one. You go, MJ!

This Louis Vuitton ad is really great, it was a wonderfully playful collection, and the ads really portray that. Lara looks amazing, as always.

So, that is about it...5:02pm....past my time limit. Have a great night, all you fashion lovers, you.

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