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Sonia Rykiel Knows How To Have Fun...

   There are plenty of collections that are always wearble, and nice, and you don't dislike them but nor do you like them. Then, there are collections that you always will like, that are fun, but they never stand out in being being unique. You just like them because they are fun, and more fun. That would be the way I feel about Sonia Rykiel. The brand makes collecitons that are kind of like mini vacations between the out-of-this-world collections and the ones that make you want to cry. Anyway, if that does not make sense, that's okay because I am in my own little world most of the time.
   First, the mood is something that we need to discuss. I love how in all of her shows, the models actually come alive and dance, and play. It is so refreshing to see those looks-of-death, erased from those young, pretty faces. You would think that they would get wrinkles from glaring all of the time. Moving on, the colors were so vibrant. I talking, pinks, yellows, blues...ahh they were so wonderful.
    Many of the skirts, dresses and skirts were quilted, which added a kind of timeless flare. I especially loved the 1950's-ish day suits (see the yellow one) that looked so wonderfully young Parisian.

I loved this 1940's lingerie suit with lacy purple biker shorts, underneath. Oh, I forgot to mention how much I LOVE the head discs, they could possibly me my favorite things in the collection. Really, look how fun they an 80's headband that would be worn to a funky party. You can tell when something is Rykiel because it is never too serious but always elegant.

What I did not like were the pointless palm tree prints, added to make the collection more summer-y. It takes away from the over all effect. Plus, the flower shoulder was completely irrelevent and non cohesive to the palm print, shape and texture of the dress.

Other than that, it was a very well done collection that was truly Rykiel and everyone loved it. At the end, the clapping-to-the-music was so loud, and the shouts of fashion enthusiasts filled the room.

                                          ------Photos via Style.Com------

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