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Comme des Garcons

To be plain and simple: CdG fall 2009 is one of my favorite collections ever, ever! I cannot begin to stress how this has changed by views on so many aspects of fashion. First of all, it has really opened the world of Japanese avant-garde, to me. I love the different ways the clothes transform. This collection had so many earthy colors and patterns. LET ME TELL YA SOMETHING: CdG HAS THE BEST COATS EVER, IN THIS COLLECTION! Each model came out with a very regular/slow paced walk...they looked like quiet dolls roaming around after everyone went to sleep. They coats reminded me of evolving patterns, or staying along the doll lines, like they had been loved and many generations of girls had added their own spin on them. They had stiched murals of trees on the backs of them. At first, the collection seemed to abstract to me, then after I watched it several times, I realized how shockingly amazing it was. Really look at those coats. Can anything get better?

and part 2:

I really loved the second part of the show. The chiffon trenchs and dresses-stuck-in-dresses were mesmorizing. Rei Kawakubo is a genius...and that is an understatement. Really, guys....take a good look at these videos! Watch them with the sound, to get the full effect. I also loved the shoes, which had painted-on toes. The inticacy is simple. Of course, the collection had elements of menswear and Japanese street style (which is increasingly growing one me). Amazing collection, I am not even making any sense anymore, nor can I type. The awesomeness/amazingness/wonderfulness is too overwhelming. I mean, these jackets were like ponchos in the back and military jackets in the front. Priceless, wonderful collection.
Have a wonderful night, I will be truly amazed if you do not wake up, suffering from shock tomorrow.
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