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Alexander McQueen, May He Rest in Peace....

It seems that today was a day of sadness. The master of the art of fashion, Alexander McQueen, died. It seems that just a few months ago I was writing about hwo mnay graet collections he would make in the future. He contributed to the reason that I love fashion, today. He created collections that were so unique and so woah. At first, something coming down his catwalk can be: "What?? Who on earth would wear that?" Then, you realize that something brilliant has just happened. He even made some of the top editors cry tears of amazement and joy.
   When I heard of his death via twitter, this morning, at 7:30AM, I could not hold back the tears. Why? Why? WHY?
   I hope that all of you were genuinely touched by McQueen's career in fashion, and will be when you look back on his creations, over the years to come. May he rest in peace, and may he have found the peace that he so very much wanted. It is too bad that one must feel that they have to release themselves from this world, in order to find relief. If only he talked to someone, someone to get him back on track. It is sad to think that his amazing spring 2010 collection was to be his last.
  With much love to you, Alexander.