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PRADA PRADA PRADA -- Back to the roots and the 60's

My favorite look, perhaps! So 60's sweater-y day suit, no?
 If there is one thing that truly stood out to me this season, it would be the bust. It was all about ruffles and built-in cone shape bras. I really can't put my thoughts into words about this wonderful collection, so I will  try to just throw a few of my thoughts together.
   First of all, I would like to adress the utterly 60's look that the collection gave. From the master beehives to pastel patterns, this collection really embodied the secretary or housewife of that time. The day suits were really amazing. It felt like an ad for make-your-own American sportswear. Perhaps a lazy day at home, playing cards with friends, smoking, and even drinking. Yes, that's what it is: a lazy housewife. She wears the ruffles just for everyday living. The shapes really gave off the impression that this woman was really quite chubby and hid all of it under a fitted waist, a frilly bust, and a full skirt. I like that. Shape is back, I guess? Or is it just back in the Prada world?
   If ever there was a collection that truly went back to the Prada roots, it would be this one. It looked very much like a renewal of the prime Prada collections of the 90's and early 2000's.  It just felt so Prada. I really enjoy collections that just really feel right with the brand, its history, and even its future.
   I think that Miuccia Prada really can reverse something that we call ugly. She is so good at testing what is ugly and what is not in our society. I love how she lets us even think: "Wow that suit is made out of such an ugly material!" But, it always works and comes out beautifully. I mean, vinyl/rubber day suits? Yes, Yes, Yes, YES!
     I really LOVED this collection and I hope to be getting to a Prada store when the collection comes out, so I can really feel the textures of the fabrics.


  1. we love how you compared today's prada to 1960's clothing!
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  2. ah i llove this collection also

  3. Wow. Looking back at the fashion of the 1900's is so interesting. I love your blog! It's very well-done.


  4. your blog is amazing! :)

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  5. I love this post.Prada is really amazing :)

  6. Wow cool post ^-^
    Prada = love <3

  7. I love the fact that she used both 60's fabrics and 60's bodies. The models look like real women, not stick figures. Love the collection xx

  8. I really loved this collection. The 60's are amazing.