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Missoni Spring-Summer 2010

  It seems that the 90's have come into play a lot, this season. In a good way, of course. I used to think that the 90's were only baggy "mom" jeans and turtlenecks, which graced the pages of my math and science textbooks. But, that is only one aspect. 90's minimalism is about cool with layers. Lots of them. A simple knit maxi dress cropped/crochet sweater and simple jewelry. Angela Missoni translated the 90's perfectly in a continuation of the amazing fall 2009 collection. Simple,light layers in simple, light pastels floated down the runway in the soft sunlight. It was a great Missoni collection. When "restricted" to knits and geometric prints, things can begin to look the same. But, this collection was fresh and young and light. It was so simple in every aspect but the whole look together was and intricate maze of fabrics, patterns, and shapes. I especially loved the calf length knit dresses in light pinks, blues, and greens. I also loved the little details in the looks like knits tied around the waist, silver jewelry swinging from side to side, and the tribal detaling on the shoes.
   The hair and makeup fit the looks perfectly - the hair was simple and polygamist-like. As for the makeup? A fresh face with a pop of color on the lips.
  The shoes could perhaps me one of my favorite parts. They have that mini 90's heel and boxy/structual shape. The various straps added a tribal element which only added to the amazing, young feel.

The next step? Going to the thrift store that has a surplus of 90's dresses. From there, I will wrap knits around the dress.
This is an amazing collection, and the thought that I will never even get my hands on the collection is quite alarming and sad. If I could only touch those 90's rave dresses. Just suck in the 90's, have some for myself. Hey! Wait! I was born in 1996! I guess I am a product of the 90's but I don't look nearly as cool as this collection. Well done Angela and the rest of the Missoni family!
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