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Burberry A/W 2010: Just Wear Jackets


  I must say the Burberry is not a favorite of mine: trenches, muted colors, and more trenches. But, the last couple of seasons, Bailey really seems like he wants to reach new levels that Burberry has never reached in the past. One of them, not being the collection, was the live, 3D streaming of the show. Pre-show interviews also streamed the interviews with the likes of Anna Wintour, Claire Danes, and Kate Hudson. But what about the collection, you ask? He's getting there.
   It was really hard to realize the other pieces of clothing in the collection when the luscious shearling aviator coats came down the runway. Perhaps that is a good thing because the skirts, blouses, etc were really underwhelming. Most of them were shear lace in muted colors, with military details. I just really thought that there was not much thought in these pieces, kind of slacking, because Christopher Bailey knew that people would only see the coats. Of course, he would not pair a huge, detailed coat with a huge, detailed dress but I feel that he could have done more. I did, however, like a navy 3/4 length skirt with zipper detailing. It really stayed with the whole aviator theme, but it also stood out.
    The hype of the live streaming of the show really hurt the actual collection in a sense that it built the anticipation way up. Overall, and OK collection. I did love the coats but maybe next season we will see Burberry do something way out of its league. Just throw in a trench or two for the sake of the name and it'll be fine.
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