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Like Boys

I am not really sure what I am talking about. I just felt like posting...but is there anything I can say? I'm too lazy to get into anything serious like: HOW MUCH I LOVE MIU MIU SS 2010! That shall be saved for later. I honestly need to prepare myself to write that post. Anyway.....
   i just watched the Comme des Garcons fall 2009 show, for the millionth time. I still love, I still cry when the transforming coats and chiffon dresses flow past the camera. What a freak I am, spending my Fridays at home, alone watcthing runway shows. Hey, I can't help it. I just wanted to share an image that I have fallen in love with. I am pretty sure it is from a Paris Vogue editorial but I could be wrong. Not that I support the wearing of fur or anything, but I love her expression and the whole thing is so amazing.
Take a peek:

Oh, and have you see this show? Amazing, please watch for a satisfying Friday.

And part 2:

Don't you just love it? The music, the mood. It sends shivers down my spine - in a good way.

Oh, and those glitter on the lips is my next DIY? For sure. That will make a great headband. Yes, a headband so it is not considered a "costume" when wearing it in class. This should be fun.

I've forgotten the source of the photo, just wanted to state that I am not using it as my own. Thanks!

Enjoy your Friday, sorry for wasting your time on a meaningless post.
How did you feel about the collection? Did you love it? Was it not for you?


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