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Fall 2010 Reviews--Jason Wu, Alexander Wang, and Rag and Bone

As fall shows kick off, it seems that none are very wow. From what I have been seeing, designers look like they put all of their time and effort into the spring shows and have picked up scraps and thrown together a fall collection. Not to say that some designers have actutally made nice collections, but in the big scheme of things you will be seeing grey pantsuits, random velvet, non-cohesive collections and meaningless shapes.

I guess the best way to describe this collection is random and over-done. The shapes and fabrics were just, kind of, there. The great shapes of the 1940s and 50's were thrown in on odd/ugly looks. And then, all of the sudden, gold splattered cocktail dresses to ill-fitting pants and parkaesque jackets. This collection certainly does lower my expectations of him as a designer. I guess I know to expect a mixture of prints, fabrics, and awkward shapes. Hopefully next season will be better, Mr.Wu.

Oh boy, where to begin. First of all, why? What does a business suit romper and velvet leg warmers do? I know fashion is really not about function bu this collection was really not about fashion. It seemed like a kid was hacking at their father's suit and their mother's old velvet dress, and just happened to make a piece of clothing out of it. If there was a ever a non-cohesive collection it would be this one. I think that part of the reason it looked so bad was because he spring collection was so wonderful. A pinstripe dress with lace detaling? Please, I don't care who you are, that just will not look unique, elegant, sexy, stylish, fashionable, anything. I feel that he slacked a little bit,this season. Some of the velvet was pair up in a genius shape or way but for the most part just tacked together just so he could send something down the runway.

  This collection was actually very detailed and interesting. Sure, it was wearable and not super unique but still a good, sturdy collection. Wainright and Neville (the designers) explained their collection as "crazy English guys who climbed Mount Everest in the twenties in tweed." Perfect explanation, no? It was really refreshing to see a cohesive collection that was wearable and eccentric at the same time. There were several elements that made this collection my favorite, so far. First, the menswear basics mixed with chunky, colorful knits and mixed fabric pants, skirts, and dresses. Well done, it was a wonderful collection, and most of all, cozy.

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