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Marc Jacobs In Dream Form

    Can someone please wake me up? The textures,inspirations, and mood were too wonderful. It seems that this season Marc Jacobs is less cutting-edge and more classic/ dreamy state. When I watched the live stream, the first thought I had was an early 2000s Prada collection. Now, I am sure that most designers do not want to be compared to another but I think this is quite a compliment. Of course, there is that MJ spin on everything.
   Gliding is the best word to describe the models as they came down the runway, to the "Somewhere Over The Rainbow." The innocence of this girl that he created was really powerful. I would describe it as Dorothy fleeing to New York City. She has her modest calf-length dresses and her mother's old coat. The little girl in her is shown but what she really wants to be is a young woman. That transition from dressing in little, modest, frilly dresses to sneaking out in a dazzling evening frock. This Marc Jacobs dream has been the most pleasent dream. The clothes were so simple and basic yet really new and wanted.
   My favorite thing about this collection was the difference in texture. For example, the simple, grey cocktail with sequins on the front. Again, going back to Dorothy, I can imagine how she could not finish this glamorous gown before her mom got home and she had to go out with only one side done. This secret dream, this mystery that becomes a reality.
   The looks could not have been more perfectly styled. The oversize coat, lacy/girly dress, bobby socks, and a simple Mary-Jane. I wish I could escape to this dream. Perhaps I will dream the dream, tonight. If not, I know it will be here.
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  1. Thats so beautifulll im in awe too
    im new :)