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Put It On And Shine.....

    I  am always looking for inspiration on how I dress. What better place to look than the street. I must say, living in a suburb, there is not great inspiration off the streets. In less a pair of skinny jeans and a tee is inspiration. Trying to be unique can be daunting. The thought of it sounds great, but when you get to school and you can hear and see people, talking and looking at you....I kinda wish I did not wear thaat jumpsuit or the vintage forest-scene dress. So, I have taken a few inspirations to show give myself an idea of what I wish I had the confidence to create and wear. The lesson is: forget what others think about you, and take pride in the fact that they are noticing your outfit (even if they are noticing it out of hating it).
   ...I wish I took my own advice.

OK, I have put together tomorrow's outfit. It will be all the things that I have been keeping inside of me, in a nice, outfit.
Quite excited.

catwalk photos:
First photo; from here (Tavi's blog)
                                                                               Catherine Baba photo: Jak and Jil
                                                                               Editorial: Vogue Nippon, photo from foto decadent

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  1. Great photos! I feel this way too, sometimes, I wish I had the guts to dress in a really unique way and I even buy clothes that make it impossible to pass unnoticed, but then I dress safely and look plain. :(